Digital, smart(phone), creative and utmost musical! The EMMA competitors on this year’s AMICOM were not only enjoying a great Sound Off but also the opportunity to visit one of the world’s biggest exhibition fair combination presenting all facets of automotive pleasure and comfort. With more than 90 000 visitors on the first two days the AMICOM/AMITEC/AMI fair trio again turned out as a magnet to consumers as well as to professionals from the automotive business. And there’s still seven more days left to explore the fascination of mobility! Digital Broadcasting on the road, applications for (legal) Smartphone-use in cars and connectivity of car infotainment devices were key subjects at AMICOM 2012.
61 EMMA competitors from Germany, Czech Republik, the Netherlands and Italy came to Leipzig to join the Sound Off which was quite small and familiar - due to those various competition activities within the EMMA countries taking place on that weekend. Nevertheless the participants appreciated the fact that the international judge team had the time to not only judge the cars on the basis of the revisited an improved Rulebook but also to explain the result in detail and to give useful advice how to improve a sound system in order to gain better results at future EMMA competitions.
After a great fair- and competition-weekend with an unforgettable Saturday-Night-Party not only 61 score-sheets but also 40 EMMA trophies left the Leipzig Fairground, heading to the competitor’s personal “Halls of Fame” at their homes or install garages.

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